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Pro-Max Application: Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Removal

Thursday April 15, 2021

Rosebud attachment removes a clear bra filmRecently, the team here at Induction Innovations did a quick YouTube search for product reviews that might be out there and we stumbled upon a video from 2015 about the Inductor® Pro-Max®. In the video, the rosebud attachment is used to remove a clear bra protection film from an aluminum fender.

We do not usually get video reviews on the Inductor Series tools, so this was a special treat! This week’s blog topic is going to cover the application of removing a clear bra using the Pro-Max.

What is a Clear Bra Paint Protection Film?

According to, the clear bra is a “clear paint protection film that covers the front of your vehicle.” Another blog article from says that it is usually applied to “a clear coat of the vehicle’s paint, headlights, front bumpers, grilles and the frontal section of a car’s hood.” This film protects all the high-impact areas where road debris can damage it.

Clear bras are transparent and allow the paint to shine through. It is also important to note that clear bras are not all made of the same material. It will depend on the metal properties of the vehicle as well. This application refers to a film covering an aluminum fender.

How the Pro-Max Removed a Clear Bra Filmpro-max cool tool award

In this video, Jerry Wientjes of McCarran Auto Body in Sparks, Nevada gives his “Cool Tool” award to the Pro-Max.

He highlights the Pro-Max because it has been so effective for his shop that they no longer have to use an open flame to perform various applications. The Pro-Max offers them a much safer process than using a torch. It is also cheaper overall because they do not have to replace oxygen or acetylene tanks.

One attachment that Jerry highlights is the Rosebud attachment, which he then uses to remove an invisible bra from an aluminum fender. He does this by moving the Rosebud across the fender in slow circling motions, careful not to keep it one place too long. 

pulling clear bra as the rosebud heats

As he heats, he begins pulling the clear bra up. And then continues to pull the film and heat at the same time until it is completely removed.

The film is removed quickly and effortlessly, without causing damage to the paint or the aluminum.

Other Applications: Windshield & Auto Glass Removal

Before he bought the Pro-Max, Jerry’s shop had been relying on glass shops to come to him and remove or replace auto glass. Now that he has the Pro-Max with the Glass Blaster attachment, he can remove it himself in less time and with no damage to the vehicle or the glass.

But that is not all that the Pro-Max does! See the Inductor applications page to learn more.

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