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Inductor® Lite: Fast-Off Pad Attachment

Quickly and easily remove all adhesives and strips as well as side moldings in a few minutes without any collateral damage

Inductor Lite Fast-Off Pad Attachment

The flexible Fast-Off pad for the Inductor Lite is used for heating metal sheet for a lot of applications. When you first use the pad to heat painted metal, please start with the power level on Low. Keep moving the pad over the area to be heated either in a circular or back and forward motion and check the temperature under the pad every few seconds until you are familiar with how fast various surfaces get hot with your inductor. Remember that you can burn the paint if you are not careful. As with any new tool, patience and practice will let you increase the power level and speed with which the inductor helps you to do your job.

Removing Decals, Vinyl Graphics & Striping

Set to Low power, slowly move the pad over the part that you want to remove in a small circular or back and forward motion. After a couple of seconds, try to lift an edge of the part. If it begins to lift up easily, then enough heat has been applied, if not, then apply heat for a couple of more seconds and try again. Older decals, graphics and striping tend to take more heating time. If you overheat vinyl, it often gets "mushy" and "bubbly." If this happens, then let things cool down and then try to lift and peel the part off. Be careful not to burn the paint. If sufficiently heated, the stripes should come off easily and all the glue should be removed with the stripe.

Removing Body Side Molding

Body side moldings are removed in much the same way as decals and graphics. However, with thick moldings, a greater heating power or time is required since the metal underneath the molding is further away from the pad. Keep the pad parallel to the work surface for better heat distribution. Also, instead of a circular motion, use a back and forward motion along the length of the molding. Start at one end of the molding and work the pad slowly back and forward a few inches until you can easily pry the end of the molding loose. Then slowly move the pad down the length of the molding while peeling the molding off. Try to practice on scrap moldings to develop your technique as with any new hand tool. The tape and adhesive should come off with the moldings. If glue or tape is left on the panel, then slow down your motion or increase the amount of heat.

Warming Cold Body Panels

During the winter or in cold climates, decals, graphics or striping require to be warmed in the shop for the adhesive to stick. With the pad on the Inductor Lite, you can quickly heat just the body section that you are working on to apply these items. This will save you time instead of waiting for the panel to warm up when using conventional methods.

In seconds, you will be able to release seized hardware from corrosion or threadlock compounds and other adhesives without the collateral damage and safety risks of an open flame.

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