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Induction Does More Than Automotive Repairs

Friday May 31, 2019

Induction Does More Than Automotive Repairs

After our president and CEO, Tom Gough, spent 28 years working hands-on in the collision repair business, he recognized the need for a tool that was safer and easier to use than the torches found in most shops. In 2000, he invented the first model of the Inductor® Series, which was born from years of dealing with the many time-consuming processes found in the collision repair industry. Though the Inductor was designed for use on cars, it was apparent early on that this tool could do so much more.

Don’t get us wrong – we are experts in the automobile industry. But our induction heating tools are also great for use in other industries you may not expect.

Similar to traditional torches, Inductor flameless heating tools aren’t just for use by mechanics and body shops. And unlike torches, induction heating tools increase safety and reduce the time needed for repairs – all without the collateral damage that comes with using torches.

Induction Heating: A Jack of All Trades

Corroded and stuck parts aren’t limited to a single industry, so why should our tools be? Some alternative industries and vehicles induction heating tools can be used in include:

Ditch the Torch: Use Induction Heat in Your Industry

If you’re still using a torch to make your repairs (regardless of your industry), you’re doing it wrong. Whether you need to remove seized parts, large decals or bearings, induction heating allows you to spend less time on repairs and more time on your business.

Our line of tools isn’t meant to be a one-size-fits-all; customize your kit with an Inductor Max or Pro-Max power supply to ensure you get all the necessary tools for your particular application.

Do you use the Inductor for a different application? Let us know:

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