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NACE Automechanika 2017 Recap & Show Specials

Monday, August 07, 2017

NACE Automechanika 2017 Recap & Show Specials

NACE Automechanika 2017 featured 600 exhibiting companies, including Induction Innovations, and over 10,000 attendees in Chicago's McCormick Center. Automechanika is known globally in the automotive aftermarket and NACE is strong in OE and collision. NACE and Automechanika joined forces this year to focus on training and product discovery and it was a fine show overall.

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New Induction Heating Tool Makes Tricky Mobile Repairs Easier

Friday, September 11, 2015

Mini-Ductor Portable 12V Indution HeaterTime spent outside of fully equipped workshops is often a challenge to engineers/technicians and is often fraught with issues such as safety (example roadside breakdown). Also, the range of tools in a repairer’s vehicle can limit mobile repair capability.

Reducing precious time used when struggling to free off components in this environment is paramount, so a truly portable and compact product that can save such time is a very handy proposition for all mobile spanner turners regardless of their specific trade.

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Induction Innovations, Inc.

U.S. patents: 10,349,470, 6670590 and 6563096 apply to all products; D841,788, D707,804 and D728,086 apply to handheld, inline induction heaters;
European Patent Office (EPO): patent 002076372-0001 applies to all handheld, inline induction heaters